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The Game


Faeland     is a 2D Platform Action Adventure Role Playing Indie Video Game set in a Medieval Fantasy world currently in development for Console and PC, inspired on the nostalgic 8-Bit classics with a modern charm for all generations.

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Detailed hand crafted pixel-art graphics.
Metroidvania exploration style.
Acquire new abilities and skills.
Change your equipped weapons to match your preferred combat style.
Enhance your armor and enjoy the look of new outfits on your character.
Puzzles and riddles solving.
Explore large dungeons with challenging boss battles.

Q: What is Faeland's estimated release date?
A: Faeland is currently in an advanced development stage. Please, subscribe to our newsletter below to stay up to date regarding Faeland's development and get notified when we announce a release date!

Q: Is Late Backing still available?
A: Late backing was available for a limited time only after Faeland's Kickstarter campaign.

There is no pre-order option available at this moment.

Q: How can I support Faeland's development?
A: You can subscribe to our newsletter below and our social media channels and help us spread the word and show Faeland to your friends and family. Also feel free to reach out to us with ideas or questions through our social media or via email.


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