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New Features Reveal!

Dear Faelanders!

It has been a while since our last update, so get ready for some exciting news! We’ve continued to get Faeland up to its prototype state in Unity. In the process, we have restructured the game design and mechanics and are happy that today we are ready to share some of the new implemented features with you.

Inventory Menu

We have completely redone the Inventory Menu since it was roughly designed for the prototype and we are very happy with this new design. As you can see, the new menu is composed by a series of stone slates where players will collect all items. It also features non-orthogonal design layouts, which we think is very creative and innovative, though it brought its own challenges to make navigation as intuitive as possible, but we are really happy with the result. It’s also filled with little animations and details that are just fun to watch.

Navigating through the new inventory and equipping different items.

Ledge Climb

We have also been working on implementing some new skills. You will see the ability to climb edges implemented and functioning below. This is a main mechanic change that updates the feel and adds complexity to how the player explores levels. Overall, we feel it’s a great addition, adding flavor and responsiveness to the gameplay, and impacting how levels are designed.

Grabbing on to a ledge could save you from a drop if you lose your footing when either running, rolling or back-flipping (if you are quick enough!)


We have implemented a new Backflip move that, like the Forward Roll, adds an immortality window when dodging enemies, bullet and traps, but it is unique in the sense that when the animation is finished, you will still face the enemy in the front and end up in a position ready to counter attack with a melee or ranged strike!

A combination of the new move-sets in action!

On a different note, we are happy to inform you that Faeland was selected for a curated Exhibition by Filmgate and Miami@Play which took place Dec 1st - 6th where a handful of videogames and virtual reality projects were showcased, in synchrony with the internationally famous Miami Art Basel annual fair. It was a great honor to be part of such a meaningful and innovative space for the Miami game community, which took place in Downtown Miami, gathering different media outlets and creating new exposure for Faeland.

Please, keep in mind transferring to Unity has been (and continues to be) a long and difficult journey. We should now be able to have more visual updates like this one, as we continue designing and implementing new content! Hope you like all these new features!

Lots of love. Talk soon!

Faeland’s Team

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