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Node Editor Dialogue and Quest Systems!

Dear Faelanders!

We wanted to share with you some of the work process behind our recently implemented Dialogue and Quest Systems.

The Dialogue System features a Visual Node Editor that allows us to create entire dialogue chains visually and intuitively. The DS also communicates with the Quest System, which allows us to check a particular Quest Status and makes the Quest progress directly from the Dialogue Node Editor. In addition, the DS checks for Inventory Item counts and is able to add or remove Items. Overall, this is a great tool to focus on creativity and storytelling.

Visual Node Editor Dialogue System in action!

In the video, you can also see the New Journal Interface from the Pause Menu that lists all Main and Side Quests and breaks them down into two scrollable columns: Active and Completed Quests.

With these systems, we are getting closer to have almost all features implemented. Next, we will focus on the Main Title Screen, Character Creator Screen and Save/Load System. Once we get these completed, we can focus more on content creation!

We hope you found interesting and inspiring how the Dialogue System works behind scenes.

Lots of love!

Faeland’s Team

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